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1 Glasstopfen (Glasverschluss) aus rotem Silikon mit einer handgefertigten Unikat Glasperle (Lampwork Bead) aus meinem Atelier. 

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Glasperle 29 mm 
Silikon 65 mm 

Lampwork Glassbead 29 mm,
Silicone is about 65 mm long and elongated conical shaped


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Unikat Glasstopfen passend für alle Wein- oder Wasser/Saftflaschen bestehen aus einem Glaskörper und Silikon.
Die Glasperle ist ein Unikat, handgedreht in der offenen Flamme und verziert mit schillernden Glaspunkten in allen Rot-, Pink- und Goldtönen.
Ein Unikat mit Liebe gemacht für besondere Anlässe. 
Waschbar und lebensmittelecht, Handwäsche wird empfohlen.


1 handmade lampwork glass bottle stopper in shades of pink, gold, sparkling dichroic rainbow with dots
on red silicone for collectors and lovers of unique stuff :-)) - made by me artist Manuela Wutschke in my own studio in Germany.
Silicone has an enhanced flexibility and moisture, heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation resistance and it has the ability to resist acids, bases, solvents, chemicals, oils and water. Silicone rubber is stable and versatile and because of its conic shape it suits all kind of bottles ... I am using them on my water or wine bottles ♥ for example. 
I have tested them for a longer time now, you can clean them easily and the glass is glued on the silicone with a strong glass glue ensuring a very good connection.
The glass is sparkling in shades of pink, gold, orange, blue .... a rainbow of gorgeousness and an eyecatcher for your table.

It has a round flattened on the bottom free shape and a lot of encasing layers for a three dimensional look and has beautiful shades of shifting pink, purple, darker pink, creamy gold, blue and a lot more and a variety of glassdots on the surface ..... a wonderful world in one lampwork glass beadbottlestopper. 
Fine Silver Glass, Dichroic and a lot more are doing their magic sparkling from the inside of the bead. The pics are not doing their justice. 


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You are buying my own handmade lampwork art made in my studio near Hamburg, Germany. All beads are made with care and love.
I use only Italian hight quality glass from Vetrofond and Effetre, Double Helix and CIM.

All my beads are kiln annealed for extra durability in my digital controlled kiln. They are placed into the kiln as soon as they come out of the torch and are cleaned and inspected before shipping.
I want you to be happy with my beads. If you are not happy with, I will be delighted to refund your money upon its refund